AND SHE SAID, 'how are you, Harry?'

AND I SAID, 'how are you, Sue?'

'Through the too many miles and the too little smiles I still remember you.'

When these words trickled out of Harry Chappins, singing"Taxi Driver" , it reminds of "too many miles", a journey that lies ahead of all of us and indeed we need to take that first single step to begin. So we switch on the ignition of imagination, feet steady to accelerate, and suddenly it occurs that we are not alone in this exploration. There is no looking back for us but do we make an exception in turning towards the backseat and ask, "Where do you want me to take you?"

And the notion of destination changes, not just an end address that you want to reach, but an experience you choose to enrich yourself, ourselves.

From there on the drive begins through every nook and corner of the city of life. Rushing past traffic, taking the bumpy ride over the cobbles roads, swerving through the narrow lanes. Hands in steady grip to steer clear out of the obstacles that can bring you to halt, wipe out any doubt that block your vision.
On the way, we keep picking up experiences, knowledge and memories that help to create a clear vivid picture of a place you want to reach, the objective you want to be fulfilled; quaint, quirky, weird, hard-hitting, subtle, path breaking or just that something different.

But does this something different happen'somewhere in a fairy tale' or can it survive the real-world test? Well, you have here is an open invitation to create your own route map to success; rest the TSD (time. speed, distance) issues on us.

Just give a shout; Taxi Creatives will pull over for you. Bon Voyage...