5 Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

5 Benefits of Newspaper Advertising for Brands

Printing is an important technique of modern advertising. People have a natural affinity towards newspaper and magazines including advertising pieces that they read at their own time. The printable items like newspaper advertising earn more than the radio and television. Printed items also have a greater credibility, especially in familiar publications.

How Newspaper Advertising Accelerates a Brand:

  1. Newspaper Advertisements is Substantial – Printed advertisements like that in the newspaper are physical items which can be preserved for a long time after their receipt.
  2. Newspaper Advertisements is Reliable- A feeling of legitimacy comes when one gets a printed material like newspapers on hand. The USP of this is to stay intact until the time comes for a re-reading from where one left.
  3. Newspaper Ads Helps Establish Brand Name and Brand Identity –Printed materials helps to establish a brand name properly and create brand recognition through unique fonts, creative style and colours.
  4. Paper Ads Help in Proper Access to Target Market- The proper placement of your brand’s advertisement helps in effectively reaching your target audience. By studying their demographic scale, a brand is able to aptly position themselves for their target group.
  5. Newspaper Advertisements are More Appealing- Printed advertisements in newspapers engage an audience’s attention for a longer time span than digital space like websites where content are skimmed. According to the survey, it is reported that on an average, a consumer spends 43 minutes to read a magazine.


As more and more companies gear up to put their marketing efforts online, email boxes fill up with unwelcome ads and un-important news, most of which is ignored.  In this scenario, designing and sharing a good print advertisement as in newspaper scores high on the list of strategizing a brand’s marketing initiatives.


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