5 Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

5 Benefits of Newspaper Advertising for Brands

Printing is an important technique of modern advertising. People have a natural affinity towards newspaper and magazines including advertising pieces that they read at their own time. The printable items like newspaper advertising earn more than the radio and television. Printed items also have a greater credibility, especially in familiar publications.

How Newspaper Advertising Accelerates a Brand:

  1. Newspaper Advertisements is Substantial – Printed advertisements like that in the newspaper are physical items which can be preserved for a long time after their receipt.
  2. Newspaper Advertisements is Reliable- A feeling of legitimacy comes when one gets a printed material like newspapers on hand. The USP of this is to stay intact until the time comes for a re-reading from where one left.
  3. Newspaper Ads Helps Establish Brand Name and Brand Identity –Printed materials helps to establish a brand name properly and create brand recognition through unique fonts, creative style and colours.
  4. Paper Ads Help in Proper Access to Target Market- The proper placement of your brand’s advertisement helps in effectively reaching your target audience. By studying their demographic scale, a brand is able to aptly position themselves for their target group.
  5. Newspaper Advertisements are More Appealing- Printed advertisements in newspapers engage an audience’s attention for a longer time span than digital space like websites where content are skimmed. According to the survey, it is reported that on an average, a consumer spends 43 minutes to read a magazine.


As more and more companies gear up to put their marketing efforts online, email boxes fill up with unwelcome ads and un-important news, most of which is ignored.  In this scenario, designing and sharing a good print advertisement as in newspaper scores high on the list of strategizing a brand’s marketing initiatives.


5 Benefits of  Online Display Advertising:

Advantages of  Online Display Advertising:

Online display advertising has completely remolded the concept of marketing to generate brand awareness. Their importance lies in demonstrating tremendous visual appeal through graphics, animation, and video apart from the text. Effective online display advertising helps in building brand awareness faster. Here’s why they are so beneficial:

  1. Generates Time-Saving and Cost Effective Ad Contracts
    Long-term advertising campaigns are expensive fixtures which can be replaced by short campaigns or events. Online display ads are short and thus they can be cost effective too. Plus it also provides us the opportunity to make alternations depending on how the ad performs. So is it not an effective way to generate ads online compared to print media?
  2.  Re-Captures Targeted Market Remarketing or re-targeting online display ads help in capturing a previously targeted market. This is an effective way to remind the target audience that our products or services are a perfect answer to their problems. An example of this is when someone triggers off cookies by visiting our site. We can make use of the cookies by display advertising on Facebook or through Google Ads. Since we are marketing the audiences who visit our sites, it’s a way of re-targeting audience.
  3. Captivates Targets by Knowing Their Interests
    By getting acquainted with the interests of the target audience and their demographics, display ads can be appropriately used to gain their attention. The ads so designed cater to the liking of different age groups.
  4.  Provides Clear Feedback on Campaigns
    Display ads can provide better and more critical feedback than other forms of ads. Due to this reason, we can have an idea whether our ad campaign is running successfully or whether there is any reason for tweaking it.
  5.  Makes A/B Testing Advantageous
    A/B testing is also known as split testing or bucket testing. This is a method of comparing two or more variations of a webpage or app against one another to find out which performs better.
    When we run an A/B test, users randomly see both the control and variation so that statistics determine which variation outperforms the other.Online display advertising improves the visibility of our brand and the commodity to a great extent. Just by being visible on the web, we can generate trust and knowledge of product among consumers. Online displays ads can be a very effective tool to raise brand awareness. Traffic for online ads can be tracked effectively in comparison to offline ads.

Hope our blog will make you launch your online display advertising campaigns smoothly!

How to Create Successful Content Marketing



Content Marketing-How Can We Make it Successful?

To begin with, you must first know what is content marketing and how it can escalate your brand name. Content marketing is the type of marketing procedure that involves the creation and sharing of online and offline creative materials. This procedure does not help directly in brand promotion but intends to stimulate interests in its products or services. It’s subtle yet impactful tactic is a roundabout way to leave an impression on customers and help them develop brand awareness.

How  Can We  Make Content Marketing Successful:

  1. Understanding Our Target Audience
    Before we begin our research on content strategy, we need to understand our target audience and their requirements clearly. The three questions that need to be addressed firstly are :
    – Our immediate customers
    – Our potential customers
    -Who would find our content valuable?
    The solution lies in creating valuable buyer personas for our brand.
  2. Associating Our Content with the Sales Cycle
    Being a marketer, we have to ensure our content meets our prospects at each of the three stages of the sales cycle.
    The three stages are:
    -Awareness stage
    -Consideration stage
    -Decision stage
  3. Ensuring Content Diversity
    There is an absolute necessity for turning our content into a diverse machine that churns out variable content for different prospects. Content consumption is diverse preference and it can be in the form of blogs, ebooks, videos, case study, infographics etc. Audience reach can be broadened and traffic increased with contents based paid campaigns.
  4. Creating the Content
    After getting acquainted with our target customers and knowing which content type is most suitable, we have to create different types of content accordingly. If we have to make our content marketing skills stand out and increase traffic the average content length needs to be 2000. A survey by SerpIQ remonstrates this. Longer content will create greater inbound links which are great for SEO.
  5. Creating Content for Real-Time Marketing
    These are a few things to keep in mind while creating content for real-time marketing:
    – Ask ‘why’ when creating audience engagement strategy
    – Using the natural language for audience
    – Engage with audience in smaller forums
    – Getting a know-how of social footprints affecting search audience
    – Having a clear knowledge of keywords and SEO tactics
    – Listen to your audience
    – Gain audience loyalty through spam protection, good content and neat SEO tactics.
  6. Repurposing Our Content
    Making adaptation and repurposing content is essential to reach across a diverse range of audience. The reason is some audience will be responsive to content with visuals, the others require in-depth info on a topic. So, an adaptation of content and delivering them in a new format is the key.
  7. Content for Crisis Management
    If a company releases an objectionable advertisement or suffers from a disaster in public relations, then crisis management becomes the need of the hour. Following the motto ‘be wise, contentwise’ is an effective way to recover. The key lies in connecting effectively with social channels and revving up content to seek an apology. This helps in connecting with more audiences on humanitarian grounds and gain effective control to tide the crisis.
  8. Content Promotion
    Content promotion needs to be escalated as soon it is published. The content promotion also depends on the nature of the campaign like whether it’s a blog or a white paper campaign.
    Three basic campaigns to promote the content are:
     Google Adwords campaign-: If people search for keywords relevant to our content, they would get to see our content.
    Campaigns on Social Media-: Posts on social media can help in controlling targeted traffic towards optimised pages. Secondly, great content strategy in search engine optimisation can help us climb higher in search engine ranking.
    Email-Marketing Campaigns-: Properly strategised email-marketing campaign can encourage existent customers to engage more with our brand.
    Nicely crafted content can increase traffic to our social media sites, augment our performance on search result pages and gives the audience the opportunity to share the content with others. If properly strategised, content marketing can transform our business and make websites a portal for traffic and lead generation.“Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation”                                                 -Milan Kundera


maka maka á bord


Maka maka[‘friend’ in Hawaiian] a unique home decor – lifestyle store,’who’ endeavors to present eco-friendly home textiles along with eclectic furniture which seamlessly fits into any modern or traditional home decor. A unique collection of artisanal wonders handpicked from around the world is displayed here indulging  a special character to any home decor.

Brand promotion and campaign of Maka Maka has always been a special and challenging opportunity for Taxi. Starting from newspaper advertisement in t2 to in-theater at Priya, from outdoor campaigns to in-store branding. A comfortable and pleasant though intriguing journey so far.

maka maka koisk signage DESIGN2                       maka maka koisk signage DESIGN1

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BBC ranks kolkata’s taxi as the world’s best taxi

Published on : Monday, July 22, 2013

kolkata-taxiIn a recent show aired by BBC, where the world automobile industry came together, it was Kolkata’s good old Ambassador that was proclaimed as the best taxi on road. Top Gear’s executive director, Mr. Richard Hammond organized a world taxi shootout in which Ambassador emerged a winner, beating competitors from all over the globe. It may have been the modern Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota or Honda, however, Hindustan Ambassador was adjudged as the best car on road.

The BBC was happy to announce the success of this age old automobile serving the tough Indian roads since 1948. In a competition to judge the most endurable and the most comfortable cab service of the world. “The winner was India’s virtually indestructible Hindustan Ambassador,” UK-based motor museum Beaulieu, where the ‘World of Top Gear’ featuring vehicles from some of the most ambitious challenges are also showcased, said in a statement.

This particular example proved just how enduring the Ambassador really is when it saw off rivals from Britain, America, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and Russia to be named the world’s best taxi, it added.

After decades of domineering presence on India’s roads before losing out to sleek and snazzy cars with better engines and features, the Ambassador is finally trying to find its feet in the crowded automobile market in India. By the end of this year, Hindustan Motors will launch a smaller version of the Ambassador with a host of new features and in a year’s time.

Uttam Bose, the new CEO of the C K Birla group’s flagship Hindustan Motors, said the boot space of the new variant will be reduced but not the cabin space. The length of the car will thus be shorter and since it will be less than 4 metres, it will attract lower excise duty and will thus be cheaper. However, it will not fall in the hatchback category.

Apart from this BBC booster, Hindustan Motors is also happy that it has started receiving orders for the Ambassador from Nigeria and Bangladesh. Exports to Nigeria have started and the first lot of Ambassadors is expected to be shipped to Bangladesh next month.